Pirate Match FAQ

This page helps you to find your way through our game Pirate Match.
It is currently under development and will be improved over time.

What is the main goal of Pirate Match 3?

Your goal is to defend your ship against incoming enemy ships. You have to shoot your cannons by matching tiles with the same color. The more tiles you match, the further and stronger is your shot.

How do I get more Points?

You get points by sinking enemy ships.

How do I remove the advertisement?

Your can purchase the ad free bundle to remove all advertisement in the game.
By removing the banner ad, you will also see the enemy ships earlier!

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account you can scrolldown in the main menu to the bottom of the screen and press the button: “Delete Account”
You will be asked again if you really want to delete your account.
This action can not be reverted! Once you delete your account, the save game will be deleted as well and all your progress will be gone.
Analytics data and consent data will be deleted from your device.

Pirates Match Screenshot Main Menu Pirates Match Screenshot Main Menu Delete Account

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