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Welcome to the world of Tutatago Games. We are the creators of Train Idle Clicker. The new mobile idle game on Android and soon on iOS.


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Train Idle Clicker

A new game is born. We are proud to present Train Idle Clicker. An incremental train management mobile game for Android. We plan to launch it later on iOS as well. At the moment you can pre-register for the game on google play. If you want to learn more about train idle clicker, visit our … Read more

About us

We are Tutatago. A small indie game studio, founded in 2021 and located in Berlin, Germany. Our goal is to create unique mobile games for Android and iOS. We have over ten years of experience in creating games on PC, web and mobile and proudly present our first game for Android: Train Idle Clicker. A train management game with the target to create the most successful train company. We will release the Android version soon and later this year iOS will join the party.

If you have questions about us or want to contact us for any kind of matter, please do so on

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